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Bedlounge Features

The BedLounge comes with your choice of a complimentary slipcover that arrives already on the item. Covers are removable, washable and interchangeable. 

You can use the BedLounge in the freestanding position wherever you like. Its strong internal frame lets you TILT the BedLounge to an almost fully reclined position. We do recommend that if you are using it in the reclined position that you position yourself against a wall or headboard for maximum support. 

All of our products are manufactured in the USA at our Southern California factory.

The Regular size BedLounge is our largest model. The headrest is able to extend upwards to accommodate taller people. 

At this time the Regular size BedLounge is our largest model. Though the dimensions of the BedLounge may appear small at first glance, we assure you that it was engineered to provide maximum comfort & support to a vast variety of body types. Let the BedLounge envelop you in comfort!


Storage purposes:

Tie the armrests together and tuck the headrest between the arms and the BedLounge becomes very compact and easy to store!

Or hang on a hook on the wall for easy access.

Sleeping in an upright position?

Tie the straps together over your lap to help avoid sliding down or moving around in your sleep.

Want to recline?

Tie them together and rest your legs over the tied laces to provide a counter balance when reclining.



Bedlounge Regular Size

The little white pillow that came with your BedLounge is your added Lumbar Support Pillow! This pillow will either be Feather & Down filled or Hypoallergenic depending on which model BedLounge you choose. Insert it into the kangaroo pouch between the armrests for added lower back and lumbar support.

That kangaroo pocket is for your Lumbar Pillow for added lower back support.

Have a favorite ice pack or hot pack? Try using it with your BedLounge kangaroo pocket for some added back relief on long days.

Adjusting is so easy because there are no complicated remote controls or hinges! All adjustments are manual and done without any strain.

  • You can adjust the headrest up to an additional 12” in height.
  • The Headrest can be rotated forward and back a full 120° range of motion.
  • You can use the BedLounge to recline by simply tilting back to your preferred comfort level.
  • The BedLounge's armrests pivot and flex outward for maximum comfort 

In order for the BedLounge to have the ability to recline and provide maximum comfort and support, the whole unit tilts with you. The BedLounge is constructed to be sturdy enough to hold your body weight without bending, sagging or collapsing in the middle. We generally recommend, even when using the BedLounge in a reclined position, that you use the product against a hard surface such as a wall or headboard for maximum support. However you can still use the BedLounge in a reclined position even without a wall present behind you; as your arms on the arm-rests act as a counter weight to balance you.


Care Instructions

All BedLounge Slipcovers are designed to be easily removable and machine washable for easy care. We recommend washing your BedLounge cover as often as you change your sheets to ensure a healthy, dirt-free lounging experience. BedLounge Slip Covers are made with the finest fabrics that are soft against your skin, yet durable enough to withstand numerous washings.

Once you remove the outer washable Slip Cover, the "body" of the BedLounge does not need to be washed. That's the purpose of the Slip Cover, to protect the body from dirt and grime. Beneath the Slip Cover and covering the body of the BedLounge is yet another protective interlining, just like on better sofas and chairs.

We recommend you treat the body of the BedLounge as you would a pillow or comforter. If you wish to air it out you can set it outdoors in the sunlight or next to a window for a few hours. This is a great way to freshen the BedLounge body and headrest.

Our luxurious cotton slipcovers are made from 100% cotton twill. A very soft, breathable, yet durable fabric.

Our deluxe Microsuede slip covers are made from a super-soft polyester fabric that is extremely durable and easy to wash!



All sales are final due to hygiene reasons. There is no returns or exchanges. Each item is shipped and inspected by us personally and will not be shipped with any defects.

Please be sure about your purchase before placing your order. We are certain that you will not be disappointed in our products!




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